Reaching the goal is only a new beginning

The ONL course has finished. A bit late, I have now found the time to reflect on the experience of Online Network Learning. The literature and the learning material was very informative, and the structure as well as the planning of the course were good examples that can inspire my own future teaching. In the ONL group, with both synchronous and asynchronous work, we found a way to collaborate. Even though we never met in real life (IRL), some of us, got to know each other, at least at a basic level. I think it would have been easier to get the work going in the group if we would have had the opportunity to meet IRL, at least in one meeting. Those of the participants who where passive, might have had a chance to be more motivated in taking part of the process. But maybe not, I think it is always some people who are more passive than others.

To collaborate, really collaborate, and not just sharing tasks in the group, is difficult. This learning experience has been important for me both as a teacher, but also in my profession as a psychologist. Psychotherapy is a learning process in many ways. In order to help clients take responsibilities for their health and wellbeing, a true collaboration between client and psychotherapist is necessary. A treatment process needs to take time in order to integrate knowledge and new learning experiences of the client. I think it would be great to have both synchronous and asynchronous online work in therapy as well. For example writing the treatment plan together in the journal, is already possible, and the journal of the client is assessable from the internet. Using digital tools would facilitate the treatment process for the clients, for example looking at short video clips etc. The last decade internet based therapies have emerged and are quickly spread, showing good treatment results (Hedman, et al., 2014). I think this is only the beginning of these new ways of practicing psychotherapy.

Although much of the healthcare is increasingly digitalized, the education of our future psychologist is still quite traditional. Incorporating eLearning in the psychology programme is therefore essential. A major challenge is the large amount of time needed to develop higher education. If you are not very familiar with all new technologies, digital tools and new ways of teaching yourself, it is difficult to incorporate this in your own teaching. Taking part of the ONL course is a great start. You do not have to take this journey alone. There are so many good examples out there already. You only need to open your eyes and throw yourself into it. In the long run you would actually save time. If learning material and sharing is natural for every teacher, you do not have to create everything yourself. At least I will have a go for it!

Best of luck!

Anna Bratt

Hedman, E., Carlbring, P., Ljótsson, B. & Andersson, G. (2014) Internetbaserad psykologisk behandlng: evidens, indikation och praktiskt genomförande. Natur och Kultur



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