Collaborative learning

In order to solve all the challenges of the world, we need to work together. We cannot manage these problems alone. Therefore it is necessary to learn how to collaborate in new forms. Learning collaboratively online, would be a new way for students at my department to acquire knowledge, and it would be a new way to teach for us teachers.

My own experience of online collaborative learning is that it is quite hard and difficult. We come from different backgrounds with different education, and we shall try to solve problems we are not familiar with. However, if I participated in an online course in my own field, discussing problems I am familiar with, it would be different, I think. Then I could really engage in the problems, with motivation and energy. In order to be able to do that in the future, I need to learn all this different digital tools, and I need to experience how to work collaboratively online.

If you too, would be interested in learning how to do that there is so much information to read and be inspired of. And taking this online open network learning course I am participating in now could be the first step.

In my experience real collaborative learning has taken place when I together with close colleagues have tried to solve problems at the child and psychiatric clinic I work at. We can share our knowledge and inspire one another, and our minds are free and open. That is a great experience. In order to make this happen, I think it is essential that you trust each other, it is without competition, and you do not have your own interest at heart. Another great experience is the compassion network that I am part of, it is a google group where we share experiences, communicate and share scientific papers. Everyone who is interested and is a psychologist or scientist in the field can take part. It is created by professor Paul Gilbert, at the Compassionate Mind Foundation in the UK. He is a great inspiration and he always share both knowledge and great ideas for free.

A webpage for those who are interested in collaborative learning, and a film:




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